Why copywriting is a critical skill for every marketer

Whether you’re a marketing student, entry-level marketing employee, senior marketing leader, or business owner…copywriting is one of the most important skills you can learn to improve your marketing results.

Copywriting is the “Midas” skill of marketing

Remember the story about King Midas, the mythological king who turned everything he touched into gold? Copywriting can be a bit like that.

Would it be a big deal if you get could get 50% more of the people who visit your website to purchase? How about if you got twice as many people to click on your ad in the first place? What if you got 25% more of your email subscribers to purchase? Maybe if you tripled the percentage of your existing customers who purchase a second time?

That’s the power of great copywriting. Good copy can do all of that…and more.

When you’re great at copywriting, every part of your marketing campaigns can be more successful:

  • Your PPC campaigns will get a higher click-through rate
  • Your SEO and PPC traffic will drive more sales
  • More people will fill our your lead forms
  • More people will buy your products
  • Your email response rate will go up
  • Your email CTR will jump
  • Your campaigns will achieve higher ROI
  • Cost per lead/customer acquisition will drop
  • And more…

Copywriting is a skill that can boost the results you get from almost every other marketing activity you do.

Marketing is a competition

Every part of marketing is a competition. Your ads are competing for your audience’s attention. Your emails are competing to grab attention in a cluttered inbox. Your offer is competing against 100s of other things the customers wants, and you need to get the customer to pull out their credit card and spend their money on what you’re offering.

Copywriting is how you win the competition. Copywriting is how you grab attention, build interest, persuade the customer you’re their best option, and finally take action on your offer and purchase.

Copywriting is a valuable skill for every marketing role

Regardless of whether you’re just getting started in marketing or you’re the CMO of a large brand, copywriting can help you be better at your job.

If your job title is…Copywriting can help you…
Email Marketing Specialist/ManagerIncrease your open rate, click rate, and overall results
Social Media Marketing Specialist/ManagerWrite headlines that get more shares & clicks, run social media ad campaigns that drive better results.
Digital Marketing Specialist/ManagerImprove the results from everything you do: emails, landing pages, ads, social media posts, content, and more.
SEO / SEM Specialist/ManagerIncrease your click-through rate and conversion rate
Marketing Manager/VP/Director/CMOTell your brand story with clarity, position your products for success, and drive better results from every marketing campaign you launch
Business OwnerGet more revenue returned from your marketing investment

Copywriting is the single most important skill to master in business.

Dave Gerhardt